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Mangolia is situated between Russia and China. Russia is eleven fold larger than Mangolia and China is sixfold larger than China. Ghenkhiskhan was born in this tiny nation mangolia. During (1206 to 1227 AD)21 years he established the large empire His empire's size was equivalent to four 13500000 km

When Ghenkhiskhan was born there was no mangolia nation.Mangolian people were scattered as 50 ethnicities. Ghenkhiskhan united them and made large empire starting from zero.

He did not have house.He wandered as tramp. to fill his stomach. Since he could not get food, he hunted ate rats, squirrils and dogs. He was considered as lower caste. But, afterwards he became president to the large empire.

During wars, he killed more than 4 crore people. He was named as barbarian and gragulla by history genius. But magolia people celebrated him as father of their nation, and God.

He respected women. He hated caste differentiation.We really astonish, how he had got such revolutionary thoughts in 13th century itself.

He showed wolf face to enemies.But to his own people he showed soft natured deer face. Could two poles of thoughts exist in same mind? He made it possible.

Nehru also said in his book 'glimpses of world history' that in front of alexander and ceaser are nothing. Why? To get the answer, read this book.


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