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Character which is beyond understanding

M.R.Radha was artist by birth, rebellion, bold man, stage drama super star, unique person and unmatched star. No other film star could reach the height as M.R.Radha did in their dramas. M.R.Radha created the trend even we can relish villain in the screen.

The contribution of M.R.Radha in Dhravidan movement politics was significant. He was a right hand to Periyar in spreading rationality.

His single drama namely Radhavin Ramayanam shook whole Tamilnadu. For Radha,Fans were gathered though they faced scuffle, throwing stones, revolt, and  144 prohibitory order. To control Radha Government brought a separate law named drama prohibition law. But Radha struggled against it and he was not fond of the position.

Though he was close to Dhravida Kazagam, He was bold enough to criticize Periyar, Anna,Karunanidhi or M.G.R. if he thought they were wrong.

He did not like Congress. But he appreciated Kamaraj. He talked about rationality. But he acted and sang with devotion ‘Ponnaar meniyane’.

Through his humor sense he made extra ordinary environment into an ordinary thing.

This book reaches the excellent history of M.R.Radha, a real artist to the next generation people.

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Author Mugil
Pages 192
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