Ponniyin Selvan A4 Size

Ponniyin Selvan A4 Size

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There are only a few creations which beat time. We can acclaim Kalki’s writing by keeping it first in the list. Kalki ,spreading his imagine wings, has flown around the incidents that happened before so many centuries and change those imaginaries into writings. The readers of this book will realize that Kalki’s this epic is readable even after many centuries.
It induces readers to read again and again. Though we read this book already, while reading it again, We feel that we are reading first time. We are grateful to his family. Because they think that Kalki’s creations should not be confined in a small circle, It should be reached to all and used by all. Hence they took efforts regarding it.

Book Information
Author Kalki
Size A4
Pages 916
Jacket PB

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