Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew

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Lee Kuan Yew graduated as a lawyer in Cambridge. The professors there did not see racism. But the playground, the bus, the restaurant, the shopping malls all boiled over with the way Asians were treated by others. What attracted him to the control, civilization and culture of England was the British race

The manner in which the fanatics behaved moved him towards radical politics. He did not like the fact that the then ruling political party in Singapore was absorbing the labor of the poor. He did not accept the communist ideology for that. He decided to put forward alternative politics and founded the People's Action Party and came to power. During his 31 years as Prime Minister of Singapore, he transformed the ground-level Singapore into a skyscraper.

The focus of Singapore's world trade is on his resolute vision. Every inch of modern Singapore is praying for his name.

     Lee Kuan Yew is revered by the people of Singapore as the Father of the Nation. All the important things that are fundamental to his life are described in four parts in this book. This book answers all of Lee Kuan Yew's early education, his education, his political entry, his goal, the challenges he faced to achieve it, the background of his anti - communism, and the reason why he loves Tamils.

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Author P.L.Rajagopalan
Pages 264
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