Tamil Cinema 100 Sila Kurippugal

Tamil Cinema 100 Sila Kurippugal

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There are abundant personalities who created cinema from beginning stage to till date. But there is no sufficient registry about their information or notations. This anxiety is fulfilled by this book which has been written by senior journalist Mr.P.L.Rajendran who has got 40 years experience. The author registers naturally  many wonderful news, information about the artists who contributed in the formation and extension of Tamil cinema.
People say Beem singh’s  pictures whose name started with letter ‘pa’   would be successful.

But the film named ‘Pazani’  was a failure movie. The dialogues written by one of the best writers, Pudhumaipiththan were not in the Gemini’s picture ‘Avvayaar’ .

The hero of the successful film named Manohara was Shivaji. But previously Mr.K.R.Ramaswamy,stage drama actor was keen to act in it.

There are a lot of wonderful information as above. Sometimes there are many shocking news too.

This book suits to whom want to know the tamil cinema history.

Book Information
Author P.L.Rajendran
Pages 376
Jacket PB

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