Dharma Sastiram Kaattum Vaazhkkai Paadhai

Dharma Sastiram Kaattum Vaazhkkai Paadhai

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Human’s mind is full of agitation. It is filled with desires and attachments.
If it hears any bad news, it will throb. But ,at the same time, it will start calculating the benefits from it.
In Mahabharatha ,Dhirudhirashtan fell in distress when he heard that his brother’s sons burnt into ashes while fire caught in wax chalet. At the same time, he was happy that there won’t be any more disturbances in crowning celebration of Dhuriyodhana.
Vyaasar explains this in an elegant way. He wrote “In summer, the water in the mountain spring would be warmth on top and cool in depth. Likewise Dhirudhiraashtira’s mind is in distress on the top and happy in the depth.
Even great sages were disconcerted in deciding which is Dharma and which is right path. Vidhura’s justice explains this elegantly.
“Embarrassment is a situation that raise the question which has to be followed among two controversial positions. Only honest people face this situation. Dishonest people won’t bother about this. Because, their desires will lead them.
Most of the people are not fully good or fully bad. From one side, Dharma will attract their mind. From other side, Desires and attachments will pull them.
Scriptures are provided for such people by our ancestors. This book completely describes comprehensively about all problems.

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