Valamaana Vaazhvalikkum Vedhangal

Valamaana Vaazhvalikkum Vedhangal

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The impact of Moghal’s regime and Rule of Europeans could not disturb our culture and conventions. Our ancestors devised such a wonderful spiritual morality.
A Germany scholar told ” I was searching in the whole world to get peace. I have seen that it is in the streets of India enormously.”
So many monks and saints including Adhi shankara have given us various worship moralities. Here, we have got plenty of worship methods from Vinayaga worship to Nandhi worship. They are not only rituals; there are spiritual philosophies and scientific truth behind them.
It is really wonder to hear that the truths discovered by foreign scientists hundred years back, were told by our ancestors before thousand years.
There are stories in all worships eg.Worship of Sun, Worship of lord Ganesha, Worship of Chitra puthrar.
There are historical incidents related to these worships. The scientific truths and spiritual philosophies behind these worships will definitely relieve the depression of a man of any kind.
It is really pity and wonder that our people don’t know about these great treasures which provides mental peace enormously.
This book consists of the truths of Vedas which include great scientific truths, philosophies and various worships which belong to our earth.

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Author Aravindhan
Pages 288
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