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Malcolm Gladwell, who redefined how we perceive the world around us through his book, The Tipping Point, teaches us the techniques of understanding the world that may be within us through the book Blink. Will a couple take a few minutes to observe, absorb what they are talking about, and make their married life happier through them? Or will it end in divorce? Can that be predicted? When you meet a man you do not know, can you take a precise stand on him? Once you've seen something completely new, can you come to a definite conclusion about it? Assume that your answer is yes to all three of the above questions. If so, will your prediction always be correct? When exactly? Or when can it go wrong? Developed by Malcolm Gladwell, the book teaches psychological answers to questions about yourself and your decision-making ability. Malcolm Gladwell psychologically establishes that speed cognition is possible not only for angelic blessings but also for the common man. Siddharthan Sundaram has translated this book written in English in an interesting way without compromising on its content strength. “Mr. Gladwell is a talented man who can tell me a story and find memorable characters and happy performances wherever he goes”

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