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Vidhyapathi and Indhira love each other. They decide to get married. But, due to family situation, he gets married with Sita to whom her parents like to marry him. Though he does not like, he as to stay with his in-laws’ house. Seetha comes to know, in wedding day itself that her husband Vidhyapathi does not marry her with his wish. She does not want to leave him. At the same time, she does not want to live with him. The incidents happening in life of Seetha, and Indira, and the problems faced by Vidhyapathi make this story brisky. Finally, letters to Vidhyapathi which have been written by Indhira will always be lingering in the heart of the readers.
This novel is a tamil version of ‘Seethaapathi’ which is written by a famous telugu writer Yaththanapoodi Sulochanaarani.

Book Information
Author "Ethnapudi Sulotchana Rani Tamil : Gowri Kirubanandan"
Pages 312
Jacket PB

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