Julius Ceaser

Julius Ceaser

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Julius Caesar was a Roman general and politician who named himself dictator of the Roman Empire Julius Caesar was a hero to many plebeians because  Some people might think he was a villain, but some people think differently. First of all, Julius Caesar did many great effects to Rome. Greek hero Alexander. Genghis Khan, the Mongol hero. French storm Napoleon. One or two more may appear if left unchecked. The reason is that miracles are unlikely to happen often. Such a miracle, Julius Caesar. We celebrate each and every one of the heroes for every reason. For example, we adore Alexander as the greatest personality. We marvel at Genghis Khan for being a master of the strategy class. We celebrate Napoleon as a pioneer in decision making. Putting together the wonderful qualities of all of these and giving it shape, he is Julius Caesar. We cannot talk about heroism without Caesar. It is impossible to talk about leadership without Caesar. You cannot leave Caesar and explore the intricacies of success. But the answer is no, if there is any complete record of him in Tamil. In fact, there are many surprises and wonders buried in the pages of history about Caesar. We thought it would be a boon to history readers if we could bring them up neatly and interestingly. The one that came to our mind then, SLV. Murthy. He is a regular contributor to leading Tamil magazines on management, human resource development and business acumen. Author of several books. Owns charming writing. He has another face. Visitors to the study of ancient civilizations and the history of empires. We guessed he was the right person to portray Caesar in the best possible way. We handed Caesar over to him. This book has been developed after careful study and hard work. The colorful life of heroism, wisdom, love and lust is vividly described. At the same time as describing the thrilling life of Caesar, SLV brings to the fore the fascinating pages of the Roman Empire and the exquisite features of Roman civilization. Murthy. We do not have to knock our enemies down with a knife. You can bring it down as wisely as possible. Caesar's approach is to lift the knife only when it is not possible. In a way this is the lesson we each need to learn from Caesar. Caesar's personality and decision - making ability to qualify as a subject in management colleges. In particular, read each of Caesar's actions to impress the volunteers with speech, to impress the citizens with welfare schemes, to bring down the enemy unexpectedly, and to turn success into a series of events. You will be amazed.

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