Moolayai Koormayaakka 300 Payirchigal

Moolayai Koormayaakka 300 Payirchigal

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Miracles happen everywhere. But we just don’t see them. The beauty of what can be near us often goes unnoticed by us. We wander around for the rest of our lives looking for something that is far away or not. There are a thousand ideas lurking in every aspect of our daily lives. We can only achieve so much if we look closely at them. This book clearly explains how to take advantage of such attention. Those who finish reading this can easily benefit. It is a pity that they are more knowledgeable than they were before they studied. Many more scholars will be created by them. This is a rare attempt at that task. Something you have been looking for for a long time may suddenly catch you while reading this. It can be used for the rest of your life. One thing.You will realize when you finish reading that one thousand will pass. Because you have the brain. From now on, you will become a highly developed brain.

Book Information
Author Dr. M. Lenin
Pages 296
Jacket PB

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