Ini Ellam -Vetrithan

Ini Ellam -Vetrithan

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If a person wants to jump two feet forward, he must first go back four feet. Only then can he jump these two steps in one breath. The more the chord in the bow is pulled back, the more it will push the arrow forward. The more suffering we are willing to accept in life, the more success we can achieve. If you want to have a baby, you have to go through labor pains. If you want to achieve a victory, you have to wage a struggle. Many people who have succeeded in a race without fail are left reeling from a failure. Otherwise, those who succeed after many defeats will retain that victory till the end. The light of hope is within us. The elephant does not know what his strength is. That’s why the man who weighs 50kg sits on top of it and powers it, riding it. Otherwise you need to know how to weigh yourself about your strengths. If you feel like that yourself then everything is a success for you.

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Author Kartheeban
Pages 208
Jacket PB

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