Bodhi Dharmar

Bodhi Dharmar

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Bodhi Dharmar's name does not appear in the list of direct disciples of Gautama Buddha and does not belong to the time of Buddha's lifetime. The reason is that the time interval between the two is about a thousand years. However, Bodhi Dharma is celebrated as the second Buddha; If so, who is this Bodhi Dharmar? This is the first and most important question that everyone who wants to know about Bodhi Dharma raises. Together, many controversies arise about his past life. Questions have been raised about his contributions, including martial arts. This book is an attempt to find relevant answers to such controversies and questions. Three truths were realized when the search began. One cannot understand Buddhism without understanding the Buddha. One cannot understand Bodhi Dharma without understanding Buddhism. One cannot understand Zen philosophy without understanding Bodhi Dharma. Read the book. You will realize all three of the above facts. Also, the messages told by both Buddha and Bodhi Dharmar!

Book Information
Author Azhagar Nambi
Pages 288
Jacket PB

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