Neengale Ungalukku Oliyaga Irungal

Neengale Ungalukku Oliyaga Irungal

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This book will greatly help you to be the light for yourself. If we find our inner light, if we ourselves become the light, then what is going to stop us from becoming a Buddha? Who can stop us from becoming enlightened... but ourselves? Only one's light can be his companion. That light...the inner light in everyone! “I will answer people. I don't always answer questions. The same question is likely to be asked a thousand times. I will answer it in a thousand ways. Because everyone who asks those questions is different from everyone else. "Though their questions appear to be the same, they can never be the same," says Oosho.

Book Information
Author Mithraboomi Saravanan
Pages 144
Jacket PB

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