Tamilil Cyber Sattangal

Tamilil Cyber Sattangal

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What is an offense under this law? What is the punishment for that? What is the use of this? What are the implications? This book gives answers to thousands of questions that arise in your mind. In this computer age, we or our dependents may get stuck in computer, internet and e-commerce legal problems knowingly or unknowingly. Today it is imperative for us to be thoroughly aware of cyber law to protect ourselves from danger.A.P. Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India. To take full advantage of the information technology revolution, it is imperative to ensure that language is not a barrier between technology and man. This book will help remove such barriers and encourage such publications in other Indian languages.

Book Information
Author Dr. M. Lenin
Size A4
Pages 395
Jacket PB

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