Ponniyin Selvan(Vanna Padangaludan)

Ponniyin Selvan(Vanna Padangaludan)

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Very few have works that stand the test of time. Kalki's writings can be admired first in that order. Readers who read it will feel that this copy of Kalki, who has let his imagination fly around the events of so many centuries ago, and distilled that imagination into writing, is still suitable for reading even after many centuries. This is a book that makes readers want to read it again and again. No matter how many times you read it, it is a book that gives you the feeling of reading it anew and also a book that gives you the feeling of reading it. Kalki's works should not be reached within a small circle. It should go to everyone. Heartfelt thanks to his family for their noble intention to be of service.

Book Information
Author Kalki
Pages 240
Jacket HB

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