Manivendhan Kavidhaigal

Manivendhan Kavidhaigal

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I am happy that Professor Dr.M.P.Balasubramaniyan have compiled his poems and render in the form of book.He had worked as Tamil professor in Pachayappa college, Kancheepuram for many years.Then he became Principal. Since his college days, He has been working hard for the growth of D.M.K. He was working as patron and
head of youth revolt of literature. He worked and did service sincerely. He is one of the best poets. He is proficient in writing traditional poetry.
His poems provoke community sense and language sense. His poems are fascinating. In a poem named ‘pookkattum pudhiya samudhaayam’ he grows socialism. This poem enriches the principles of perarignar Anna and thandhai Periyar. I appreciate brother Mr.M.P.Balasubramaniyan for his work.

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Author Mu.Pi.Balasubramanian
Pages 376
Jacket PB

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