Indhiya Neram 2 A.M.

Indhiya Neram 2 A.M.

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Other writers may get jealousy upon the youthful appearance of Mr.Pattukkottai Prabhakar. This youthfulness reflects on his writings too. This is the reason for his success. In 1980s, his address,’ thalayaari street, Pattukkottai’ is memorized by all his readers. His serials which are published in Anandha vikadan such as’ thottaal thodarum’, and ‘kanavugal ilavasam’ are still liked by his readers. Since then , until today, he conquer the minds of successive generations of his readers by his charming style of telling stories. He has written hundreds of short stories, novels, serial stories, T.V.serials, and movies. He is registering his impressions in all planes of writing. ‘Indhiya neram 2 A.M’ is one of the famous novels written by him. It had published in Muthaaram as a serial. Starting from epics to contemporary incidents, the people who are in responsible job in a society, V.I.Ps and even common men ransom their good will which is earned by their hard work by their temptation for a second.Why? How will be their flow of thoughts in such situations? Pattukkottai Prabhakar visualize those questions accurately. The author explained concisely through the character named Mahendran, How money, position and luxury made an entrepreneur to slip into slush of temptation.

Book Information
Author Pattukottai Prabakar
Pages 168
Jacket PB

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